Kemppi solutions for robotic welding

Traceable, high-performance robotic welding

A complete, flexible package

Robotic welding is faster, more consistent, higher volume, welding. But for you and your end customers to get the most out of your roboticized welding, your process equipment must speak the same language as the robot. That’s where Kemppi comes in. We provide simple, secure, integrated solutions that meet all the challenges of robotic welding – in one package.

Solutions for robotic welding

All your robotic welding needs are met with Kemppi – from first-class equipment to ground-breaking software, with expert sales and support teams worldwide. Don’t waste time with complicated integration processes, compromise on quality or your customers’ needs, or settle for lower productivity – Kemppi’s solutions for robotic welding tick all the boxes.

“What is important to us is the functionality of the welding machine, uninterrupted work, and long service life, as well as the maintenance and the availability of spare parts in case of problem. The cooperation with Kemppi has worked flawlessly”.

Kalle Laine, Production Technician, Leimet Oy

Precision on repeat

Introducing the AX MIG Welder

Consistent, high-quality, automated welds 24/7 make the new AX MIG Welder the must-have addition to any robotic welding system.

Perfection made practical

Perfection made practical

The AX MIG Welder is effortless to use. The Weld Assist tool makes finding the right welding parameters quick and easy. Plus, the intuitive and easy-to-use web browser-based user interface lets you adjust machines remotely, saving time on setup, and letting you manage and monitor the system throughout the equipment lifecycle.

Simple integration

Simple integration

Not just easy to use, integrating the AX MIG Welder is easy, and above all, fast, thanks to a set of connectivity options that offer new ways to get the most out of your arc welding robotics. Like all Kemppi robotic welding solutions – the AX MIG Welder is fully compatible with any brand of robotics currently in use. Fast and simple setup and integration, plus lifetime support from Kemppi makes getting down to business quick and easy from day one, and well into the future.

High performance, low maintenance

High performance, low maintenance

The AX MIG Welder boasts a 400 or 500 A power source and robotic wire feeder making it ideal for high-intensity, round-the-clock welding. Optimized for robotic welding, MAX and Wise arc performance welding processes increase welding speed, lower heat input, and ensure penetration in challenging robotic welding situations. Touch Sense finds the weld seam, while the Through Arc Seam Tracking (TAST) helps the system correct the welding path if there are any deviations in the joint. Monitor key robotic welding parameters with WeldEye ArcVision and get a free 3-month trial with the dWPS module.

Key features

Synergic and pulse power sources with 400 or 500 A
Browser-based interface for welding machine adjustment
Weld Assist
Integrated connection to WeldEye ArcVision
MAX & Wise arc performance welding process
Touch Sense
Trough Arc Seam Tracking (TAST)
Gas flow sensor
Collision detection

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