Special processes

Would you like to weld root passes of pipes or plates with higher speed and high quality? Take a look at the arc process optimized by WiseRoot+. With WiseThin+, you get an easily controllable and stable arc as well as faster welding speed in any welding position. Kemppi special processes are made for you to enjoy.

MAX processes

MAX Speed

MAX Speed increases welding travel speed by up to 70% compared to traditional pulse or spray arc processes.

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MAX Cool

MAX Cool lowers heat input by up to 32%, improving control where excessive temperatures have a negative impact on the weld pool.

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MAX Position

MAX Position eases position welding, helping to manage gravitational effects on a molten weld pool.

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Wise processes


WiseRoot is an optimized short arc process for root pass welding without backing.

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WiseFusion optimized welding function produces a very narrow and energy dense welding arc making welding faster and heat input lower.

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Optimized short arc process for sheet metal and position welding.

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A welding function especially designed to tackle the challenges of globular transfer. WiseSteel alternates short arc transfer with spray transfer, which produces sound welds characterized by a regular fish-scale pattern.

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A welding function for ensured penetration in synergic MIG/MAG welding.

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Technical specifications