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Unique design approach

Welders are our heroes. We strive to deliver the best possible tools for them by combining user-centric innovations with supreme quality. Kemppi’s design focuses on developing arc stability and welding properties and improving the welding experience of individual welders. Our comprehensive design philosophy covers the entire welding ecosystem from the welders’ needs to advanced products and digital solutions to deliver high weld quality.

Welding properties

Ease of use



Inspiring experience

A true innovation changes the way we see and do things. It can be a minor ergonomic improvement, a new way to manage your project, or an alternative approach to your existing production process. In all cases, innovation makes your life somehow easier and brings new value to it.

This is also a perfect definition of the Kemppi experience.

Built for the harshest conditions

Kemppi is a company from Finland. It is a Nordic country, with some of the harshest climates in the world, so we naturally have a legacy of designing products that perform in brutal conditions. Being a global company, we also have decades of experience in developing products for hot and humid climates. Regardless of the welding conditions, you can trust Kemppi’s superior performance.

Welding in hot and humid conditions

Welding in arctic conditions

Designed for efficient welding operations

Kemppi has a long track record of helping customers improve their welding productivity with premium products, intelligent digital solutions, and accessible services. We’ll help you to increase your output and reduce welding production costs. Our success is measured in customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver solutions that are reliable, functional, and easy to use.

Kemppi’s welding-related operations, ranging from welding research and the development of welding equipment arc properties to the demonstration of welding equipment and welding consultancy provide you with top-notch expertise in any situation. The quality of our solutions is based on our skilled and professional personnel.

Kemppi welding instructors and engineers hold IWS and IWE qualifications approved and audited by the International Institute of Welding (IIW). In addition, our welding instructors are qualified welders according to the ISO 9606-1 standard.

Uncompromising safety

Health is the most precious thing you have. Our products are designed with a focus on supreme ergonomics and a goal to promote occupational safety, while stringently complying with regulations. We continuously search for new solutions to improve welders’ health and safety.

Award-winning design

Kemppi products deliver as promised with award-winning design that is built to last. The usability and reliability of our products is our guiding principle.


Technical specifications